What do you need to know about me?

Hi I'm Deanne.  For me, photography is a beautiful language.  I think it's the perfect way of telling a story, about subjects that never stop changing. 

I am privileged to work in this fun, beach community & business with my best friend and husband, Gus. We have two grown children, so we can attest to how quickly family life changes and takes on new meaning over time.  

I love the way photography suspends our favorite moments and memories in time forever.  I pray daily for unshakeable faith, for my sweet family and for creative inspiration.  

I'm passionate about photography, our beach community, French bread and cappuccino, afternoon rain showers, a cup of hot tea at 3:00, shrimp and grits, pizza on the grill, tangerines, feel good movies, chocolate anything, decaf everything, and fresh flowers as often as I can get them.

What do I need to know about you?  

Everything that tells me who you are, and what you love, and what you hope to remember about this time in life.  I love interviewing my clients.  I think rapport is the key to a relaxed photography experience. This is one of the reasons we offer a complimentary design appointment to plan & discuss your session in advance.

Where can you find our Studio? 

Dunlop Photography is a family owned, professional photography studio located a block from the Atlantic Ocean.  Our physical address is in Beaches Town Center at 200 First Street in Neptune Beach, 32266. You can call me right now at (904) 610-5669 or if you prefer send me a message via the contact page.